• University of Somalia
    University of Somalia
  • Pest Kill
    Pest Kill
  • McRae Imaging
    McRae Imaging
  • Aden and co Solicitors
    Aden and co Solicitors
  • Air Djibouti
    Air Djibouti
  • Top IT Host
    Top IT Host
  • Kalsan TV
    Kalsan TV
  • Pacesetter Homes
    Pacesetter Homes
  • Global Skills
    Global Skills
  • Somaliland Chamber
    Somaliland Chamber
  • Ayaan Contractor & Construction Company
    Ayaan Contractor & Construction Company
  • Somaliland National TV
    Somaliland National TV
  • Somali Diaspora Youth
    Somali Diaspora Youth
  • Somali Agri Food
    Somali Agri Food
  • Sunshine Design
    Sunshine Design
  • Learning Arabic
    Learning Arabic
  • Somali Health Board
    Somali Health Board
  • Sanyare
  • Small Heath Surf and Talk
    Small Heath Surf and Talk
  • Al-Rahma Kids Zone
    Al-Rahma Kids Zone
  • Somali advice and Development Centre
    Somali advice and Development Centre
  • Connection Inc. Digital Marketing and SEO Agency
    Connection Inc. Digital Marketing and SEO Agency
  • IQra Tutors Islington
    IQra Tutors Islington
  • Chegg Tutors
    Chegg Tutors
  • Worldremit
  1. Damal Hotel
  2. Telesom
  3. Worldremit
Damal, a newly built luxury hotel, offers warm and stylish accommodation to both the business and holiday traveler. Elegantly furnished with contemporary decor, rooms at Damal Hotel are located from 3rd floor to 6th floor of Dahabshiil Business Centre.
Telesom is a privately held telecommunications company headquartered in Hargeisa, the capital of the northwest in Africa country Somaliland.
WorldRemit is an online service that lets people send money to friends and family living abroad, using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Recently Added Listings

  • Somali Education Centre

    Somali Education Centre

    Somali Education Centre (SEC) is a well established charity organisation based in Islington for over a decade, working closely with Islington Ethnic Minority Achievment Service (EMAS), Cambdridge Education at Islington, continYOU which is the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education, Mother Tongue and Supplementary Schools Partnership (MTSSP) and a number of other educational organisations in providing supplementary education, homework clubs, ESOL and a number of other community focused projects.

  • The Somali Museum

    The Somali Museum

    The Somali Museum is the home of traditional Somali arts in Minnesota. Displaying a collection of over 700 pieces, and offering educational programs about Somali traditional culture that are not offered anywhere else, the Somali Museum offers an unrivaled opportunity for Minnesotans of all backgrounds to encounter and learn about Somali traditional culture.

  • Galool


    Cultural and linguistic resources for Somali children, parents, libraries, schools and all other concerned educational establishments. A platform for young Somalis to raise issues of concern and identify solutions Our bilingual Somali language & cultural heritage programs are designed to target issues of motivation, self-confidence, historical knowledge, past and present heroes, and to celebrate the inherited cultural values and the depth and richness of the Somali language.

  • Somali advice and Development Centre

    Somali advice and Development Centre

    Founded in November 2002, we are a registered charity that serves mainly the Somali Community in Ealing. We work in close cooperation with the local statutory agencies including Schools, Police, Social Services, Children and Youth Services, the voluntary organisations and the community in an effort to help young people who are at risk of crime and antisocial behaviour. We also provide intervention programmes to support and divert young people who are at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

  • Somali Diaspora Youth

    Somali Diaspora Youth

    Somali Diaspora Youth (SDY) was founded to cultivate an environment conducive to positive youth development through networking, cooperation, and collaboration with more experienced adults for inspiration and mentoring. SDY is a partnership for advancement of the youth and awakening the Somali conscience.

  • Somaliland Chamber

    Somaliland Chamber

    The Vision Strive to forge new bonds of commercial cooperation and opportunities between Somaliland and the rest of the world and to make the country a world class trade market. Mission To offer guidance and assistance in all types of businesses and to assist exporters and importers in local and the international arena through the provision of market information, training and organization of trade events and opportunities. Membership Somaliland chamber of commerce is a business organization, which is independent from government. It is an organization whose membership is open to all business parties engaged in trade activities. The chamber welcomes both local and international investors. Application for membership to the chamber is made directly to the Secretary General, subject to the applicant agreeing to be bound by the memorandum of association. Membership subscriptions Members pay initial registration fees and they are expected to pay an annual subscription fees set by the chamber board of directors that may change from to time., industry and agriculture was established in 25th October 1993 under a public law No. 35 as an independent entity owned by the business community. Currently the chairman of the chamber is Mohamed Shukri Jama and the secretary General is Ibrahim Ismael Elmi.

  • Somali Agri Food

    Somali Agri Food

    In March 2013, IFAD launched a new project called Enhancing Food Security in the Horn of Africa through Diaspora Investment in Agriculture Programme.

  • Somali Food Stuff

    Somali Food Stuff

    Somali Foodstuff Company is one of the leading distribution companies in Oman, sales and distributes all kinds of food stuff products.

  • Somali Health Board

    Somali Health Board

    The Somali Health Board (SHB) is a public, non-profit 501(c)3, grassroots organization in Washington State, with ambitious goals of eliminating and reducing health disparities disproportionately affecting the Somali population throughout King County and the state of Washington. It is a voluntarily run organization that depends on the generous time and efforts of working Somali health professionals and friends of the SHB.

  • Horn Diplomat

    Horn Diplomat

    Horndiplomat Reliable media House from Africa Find Out all about latest breaking news,dailynews and hot News in Africa, Europe,Asia and America