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engineering construction contractor


Full Description

Asal Builders Ltd. is a construction contractor and an engineering consulting company based in Mogadishu, Somalia with operations that span the whole of East and Subsaharan Africa. The company also has an office in Garowe, Puntland Somalia.
The company was established to meet the growing demand for the real estate development and construction industry to revolutionize the way construction engineering and related consulting services are done in the region. The goal is to design and build state of the art real estate property with international construction and building standards in mind, while minimizing the involved costs through the mobilization of local resources and the employment of innovative, indigenous ideas and sound engineering thinking.
Started by qualified civil and structural engineers equipped with over 10 years of experience designing and building commercial and residential buildings, the company has managed to attract over 100 clients ranging from real estate developers, non-profit organizations and hospitals to individual home owners in its short period of existence. The projects completed for these clients included the architecture of university campuses, hotels, residential apartments and one-storey villas.
The company was established in 2008, and is registered with the respective government agencies responsible for giving licenses to similar construction companies. ABL is a socially responsible company trying to do its best to contribute to the society, and is committed to creating job opportunities for its community. The company currently runs an internship program where it introduces fresh graduates to real world construction projects.
Company Culture The company culture at ABL is driven by its vision and mission, and a set of values that have resulted in the establishment of its credibility among its peers in the industry. Its working environment and the focus on quality and honest work are the cornerstones for the relative success the company has made in establishing a solid customer base without any marketing efforts. Our Vision To be a leading engineering consulting company and construction contractor in East Africa, and build a reputation synonymous to quality and honest work founded on innovative engineering ideas.
Our Mission
To provide affordable, quality construction and civil engineering consulting services to our clients across the Sub-Saharan Africa region through a commitment to: The Adherence to both local and International building standards Continued research on the use of local resources in construction work Positioning ourselves as a learning organization that keeps pace with the developments in the construction and civil engineering industry.
Our Values
Integrity is core
Continued learning