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Barre Housing Firm

Housing Construction Building

Barre Housing Firm

Full Description

Barre Construction and Housing Firm was sole-proprietorship Company established in 1981 and owned by a passion father called Hussein Barre Abdilaahi. He leads the company and the team with over 23 years of experience in the construction industry.
In 2004 Hussein Barre the owner was passed away and inherited by his older son called Engineer Mohamed Hussein Barre. Mohamed will be act as Chief Executive officer and responsible overall companies operations.
Barre construction and housing firm plans to become the leading provider of Building residential and commercial Constructions, Housing for sale as well as real estate solutions. This means always having the best and most efficient facilities, processes and people. To achieve this, Barre will be required to search in investing in many ways that will support in competitive advantages for its customers. Therefore, Mr Mohamed Hussein, issued 40% preferred Shares shareholders while as the remaining 60% shares will be kept on own.
However, Barre Construction and housing firm is structured with four main divisions.
Division One: Barre construction and Housing firm: this unit will perform all the building constructions services, both for resident and commercials.
Real estate activities, Housings, as well productions of housing available for sales
Division two: Barre truckload and heavy Equipments: serves as primarily transportations lease activities across the territory of Somaliland
Divisions three: Barre Brick and Block factory and Steal workshop
Divisions Four: Barre civil and Vocational training school