Public Services

  • Haya


    Community Somali Youth

    HAYA is dedicated to breaking down isolation and combating alienation and despair amongst young people and their families by supporting opportunities for their development.
  • Araha


    Horn Africa Humanitarian

    We are a non profit organization based in Columbia heights, Minnesota. We Work in the Horn of Africa region to Deliver Essentials and Develop Opportunities. - See more at:
  • Galool


    Somali Language Culture

    Cultural and linguistic resources for Somali children, parents, libraries, schools and all other concerned educational establishments. A platform for young Somalis to raise issues of concern and identify solutions Our bilingual Somali language & cultural heritage programs are designed to target issues of motivation, self-confidence, historical knowledge, past and present heroes, and to celebrate the inherited cultural values and the depth and richness of the Somali language.
  • The Somali Museum

    The Somali Museum

    Somali Culture Museum

    The Somali Museum is the home of traditional Somali arts in Minnesota. Displaying a collection of over 700 pieces, and offering educational programs about Somali traditional culture that are not offered anywhere else, the Somali Museum offers an unrivaled opportunity for Minnesotans of all backgrounds to encounter and learn about Somali traditional culture.
  • Somali and American Fund for Education

    Somali and American Fund for Education

    Education Charity Somali

    Somali and American Fund for Education (SAFE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to increase access to K-12 education in Somalia. Our efforts focus on building and improving community managed schools. We receive annual requests for construction projects from schools throughout Somalia.
  • Somali Development Center

    Somali Development Center

    Community Cultural Identity

    The mission of Somali Development Center is to provide consistently excellent and accessible community services to all Somalis (and other African communities) in Boston, regardless of immigration status.


    Help Support Seattle

    Our mission is to work for the success of refugees to undergo a smooth transitional process, and attain self-sustainable status in their new country. We do that by focusing on community-based efforts including education, awareness, and safety. We want to make a difference.
  • British Somali Community

    British Somali Community

    Charity Women Health

    British Somali Community (BSC) is a local women’s charity set up in 1995, by and for members of the Somali Community in Camden. These are some of the poorest and most disadvantaged residents of the borough. It seeks to make a significant improvement in their lives by addressing the educational and recreational needs of Somali young people, and the health and educational needs of Somali women and the Somali elderly. We would like to extend thanks to our funders:
  • Midaye


    Charity Organisation London

    Midaye is a charitable organisation in West London. The charity was established to address the needs of the Somali community and ethnic minorities.
  • Academy for Peace and Development (APD)

    Academy for Peace and Development (APD)

    Peace Development Somaliland

    The Academy for Peace and Development (APD) was established in 1998 as a research institute in collaboration with Interpeace. The Academy for Peace and Development (APD) is legally registered as an organization under the Ministry of National Planning and Development.