• Young Chefs Academy of Seminole

    Young Chefs Academy of Seminole

    Culinary Classes, Birthday Parties, Summer Camps, Kids Activities, Cooking

    We teach children the joy and value of cooking.


    University Learning Teaching

    Vision & Mission Vision JOBKEY University shall be among the nation’s leading universities, recognized for student success and educational attainment, research, cultural enrichment, and economic development.
  • Daarul Cilmi

    Daarul Cilmi

    Quran Islam Education

    Waxaan nahay web islaami ah oo fidiya culuumta sharciga anagoo ka faaiidaysanayna culimada soomaaliyeed ee lagu kalsoon yahay cilmigooda iyo camalkoodaba.
  • Somaliland University

    Somaliland University

    Technology Somaliland University

    Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH) was initially started in the year 2000 as Hargeisa College of Applied Arts and Technology (Hargeisa CAAT).
  • Chegg Tutors

    Chegg Tutors

    Great tutors affordable

    As a student in today's world, you're used to doing things your own way. They said you'll need this textbook; you said I'll find it cheaper online. They gave you strict class times; you said I'll make my own course hours. They said we can't help you financially; you said I'll earn it elsewhere. They play by yesterday's rules; you're today's student.
  • University of Somalia

    University of Somalia

    University Somalia Education

    University of Somalia (UNISO) is dedicated to providing excellent education to the students who have chosen it as their access point to higher education. Beyond enabling young learners to work towards their envisioned careers, UNISO teaches its student population to learn the importance of assuming social responsibility and leadership while adhering to a refined philosophy of honesty and cleanliness.
  • Learning Arabic

    Learning Arabic

    Learn Arabic for Business

    Mineral and ground water surveys in Somalia have been carried out since 1963 by the United Nations Special Fund with the cooperation of the Somali Government. One of the first major achievements of this project was the discovery of more than 50 million tons of iron ore near Baidoa (about 200 miles from the capital). The survey has also uncovered a large quantity of uranium deposits in extended areas.
  • Pebble Hills University offers 1 year online MBA

    Pebble Hills University offers 1 year online MBA

    PHU Online MBA

    Pebble Hills University offers 1 year affordable and recognised online MBA
  • Somali Education Centre

    Somali Education Centre

    Community Support School

    Somali Education Centre (SEC) is a well established charity organisation based in Islington for over a decade, working closely with Islington Ethnic Minority Achievment Service (EMAS), Cambdridge Education at Islington, continYOU which is the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education, Mother Tongue and Supplementary Schools Partnership (MTSSP) and a number of other educational organisations in providing supplementary education, homework clubs, ESOL and a number of other community focused projects.
  • Admas University

    Admas University

    University Education Courses

    Admas University was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October of 1998. Identifying a need for higher education in Somaliland, Admas University established a campus in Hargeisa in September of 2006. The Hargeisa campus was established in line with a greater policy of expanding access to education throughout the region.