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Eelo University (EU)

University Education EU

Eelo University (EU)

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It is our pleasure to offer unflinching education support service to the students of all sorts’ life at Eelo University (EU). EU is here to offer empirical and outstanding learning and teaching for 21st Century student. EU nurtures students and helps them become what they want to be after completing their courses. EU was established with a purpose of making a difference in the training of technology and management students within the East African & Horn of African region.
EU was legally mandated by the ministry of Education in the year 2007 to address pertinent issues affecting the adjacent communities in the horn of Africa. The University is located in northern Somaliland; situated in north-western Somalia. It lies between the 08°00′ – 11°30′ parallel north of the equator and between 42°30′ – 49°00′ meridian east of Greenwich. It is bordered by Djibouti to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and the Puntland region of Somalia to the east.
EU is committed to achieving this through an enriched learning experience that blends a variety of teaching and learning methods. It is very satisfying to the founders of EU to have established a University that has great focus on the quality of teaching and research, engagement and innovation.
EU offers planned Postgraduate Programmes, Undergraduate degree programmes, Undergraduate Diploma Programmes and Short courses in various disciplines. All EU programmes have been carefully designed and blended with Engineering, ICT, research and management foundational courses to ensure that our graduates match global standards in different careers.
Welcome to EU the Home of academia.
We envisage Eelo University as a leading University in the East African region that promotes excellence in training, research, consultancy and sustainable development.
To provide quality university education that natures creativity and innovation through integrated training, research, consultancy and community outreach programs
EU’s main objectives are to:
Develop an educational system and curriculum more relevant to the country’s job market needs
Reduce the critical shortage of trained professionals especially engineers and IT specialists.
Improve higher education opportunities currently hampered by inadequate government resources to increased access and better quality training.
Provide a higher education opportunity to public, private and other employees who work during daytime by offering evening classes.