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Learning Arabic

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Deposits in the area of Burn Galan have also been studied by the survey team. The reserves are estimated to be in excess of 100 million tons. Recently, another reserve deposit of more than seven million cubic metres of sepiolite were discovered in this area. There are other varieties of mineral deposits of commercial value in Somalia. They include the following: tin, gypsum, limestone, sandstone, titanium, salt, anhydrite, feldspar, lead, platinum, mica, beryl, columbite, tantalite, copper, galena, talc, emery, asbestos, coal, lignite, kaolin, graphite, rutile, vermiculite, manganese and petroleum. Encouraging signs of oil deposits have also been established by some of the international oil companies who have obtained Somali government concessions.
In 2006, Somalia generated 0.28 billion kWh of electricity and consumed 0.26 billion kWh.
Some of the most important manufacturing plants include sugar factories, textile mills, meat packing factories, fish-processing plants, fruit canneries and construction material manufacturing plants.
Somalia’s two main export commodities are bananas and livestock, which account for about 80 per cent of total exports. The government is giving the highest priority to developing and diversifying agricultural resources and to improving, through better grazing and veterinary services, the standard of the Somali livestock.
Agricultural Production 2007