• SAFARI HOTEL (Hargeisa)

    SAFARI HOTEL (Hargeisa)

    Hotel Hargeisa Somaliland

    Exquisite dishes, stylish interior and taste will make you leave all problems behind and enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility and freedom.
  • Hayat Hargeisa

    Hayat Hargeisa

    Food Restaurant Hargeisa

    Hayat Restaurant is located in Hargeisa. It serves food of high quality for its customers.
  • Omer Hashi Group

    Omer Hashi Group

    leading general trading

    Omer Hashi Group is a leading general trading and services group based in Hargeisa, Somaliland with partners established throughout Somaliland and the world.
  • Shaam Factory

    Shaam Factory

    Tiles Cement Building

    The SHAAM FACTORY was established in 2009 and has its headquarters in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The company’s main office and warehousing facilities are locate
  • Pest Kill

    Pest Kill

    Pest Kill Professional

    PestKill is a young Professional Services, that Established in Hargeisa 2013 as part of Large Group of OGF Companies Also the First Company that works as Pest Control Services.Pestkill Formed to Provide Professional Pest Control Services in Somali land.
  • Barre Housing Firm

    Barre Housing Firm

    Housing Construction Building

    Barre Construction and Housing Firm was sole-proprietorship Company established in 1981 and owned by a passion father called Hussein Barre Abdilaahi. He leads the company and the team with over 23 years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Somaliland Chamber

    Somaliland Chamber

    Ministry Fisheries Marine

    The Vision Strive to forge new bonds of commercial cooperation and opportunities between Somaliland and the rest of the world and to make the country a world class trade market. Mission To offer guidance and assistance in all types of businesses and to assist exporters and importers in local and the international arena through the provision of market information, training and organization of trade events and opportunities. Membership Somaliland chamber of commerce is a business organization, which is independent from government. It is an organization whose membership is open to all business parties engaged in trade activities. The chamber welcomes both local and international investors. Application for membership to the chamber is made directly to the Secretary General, subject to the applicant agreeing to be bound by the memorandum of association. Membership subscriptions Members pay initial registration fees and they are expected to pay an annual subscription fees set by the chamber board of directors that may change from to time., industry and agriculture was established in 25th October 1993 under a public law No. 35 as an independent entity owned by the business community. Currently the chairman of the chamber is Mohamed Shukri Jama and the secretary General is Ibrahim Ismael Elmi.
  • Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa

    Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa

    Hotel Travel Tourism

    OUR PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week It is our responsibility to provide Customer Service Excellence, to every guest, client and visitor, one that is beyond compare.
  • Dar- Salaam bank

    Dar- Salaam bank

    Banking Finance Commercial

    Dear client you are highly welcome to Dar- Salaam bank. Our bank gives Islamic bank in totality.In addition to economic freedom, morality, modernity and transparency in everything we do.Our establishment reflects your heart desire of sincerity, diversity and progress of our country and region.
  • Admas University

    Admas University

    University Education Courses

    Admas University was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October of 1998. Identifying a need for higher education in Somaliland, Admas University established a campus in Hargeisa in September of 2006. The Hargeisa campus was established in line with a greater policy of expanding access to education throughout the region.