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So gasho

Personal Corporate Business

So gasho

Full Description

SO! Ltd. (Powered by Somcable) is an ISP that reflects a fresh and innovative range of products and services for the modern Somali consumer. It is an exciting, relevant and affordable option for communication and entertainment
SO! Ltd is the only Authorized Retail Agent for Somcable!!!
It is an ISP that fulfills the connectivity requirements for Organizations and individuals in Somaliland. SO! uses the latest technology to deliver a full suite of world class services to its customers.
SO! builds upon Somcable’s strength by using their fibre optic network infrastructure to deliver complete solutions for High Speed Internet, Voice, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions. This makes SO! the most comprehensive ISP, the only and largest fiber network provider for all of Somaliland communication requirements.
We believe in leadership through people. Our technology and service-delivery strengths comes from our valued employees who have joined SO! & Somcable from all over the world to earn customer trust and loyalty with a continuing commitment to the deployment of innovative technology, reliable, affordable high-quality services and excellent customer care.