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Somali and American Fund for Education

Education Charity Somali

Somali and American Fund for Education

Full Description

Somali and American Fund for Education (SAFE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to increase access to K-12 education in Somalia. Our efforts focus on building and improving community managed schools. We receive annual requests for construction projects from schools throughout Somalia. We use rigorous selection criteria including community vetting process to select schools to support. We support schools that have a large community participation component with local communities greatly vested. We require each school to fund-raise one-third of the construction cost from their local and Somali Diaspora communities. Through our local university partners, we implement the SAFE Certification Program which certifies selected schools for accountability and helps build their capacity to effectively implement SAFE funds. Our partners also conduct frequent site visits to schools and submit progress reports to closely monitor construction projects. We believe access to education for children is the most critical component to combat the challenges facing Somalia today.