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Somali Green Initiatives and Technology

Farming Water Agriculture

Somali Green Initiatives and Technology

Full Description

SOMGIT is a solution provider founded and operated by a veteran team of professionals with extensive international and Somali experience.
Our founders realized the need to pool their talent and resources to build a company with the vision to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions that can address the agriculture, water, and renewable energy challenges faced by Somalia. We see the challenges as an opportunity to deliver the latest advancement in technology while adhering to the budget constraints of the current situation in Somalia.
SOMGIT’s committed and talented team is composed of engineers, an agronomist, and practitioners with long-term experience in agro-technologies and irrigation systems; borehole development and rehabilitation, and green energy and ICT.
SOMGIT’s team and equipment is based in Mogadishu, allowing us access to South Central Somalia. Our team is well positioned to provide farmers, businesses, private citizens and government agencies solutions that would address their needs.