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Somali Law

Somali Law Council

Somali Law

Full Description

Welcome to the Somali Law council, the port of call for all legal issues affecting Somali nationals and businesses.
The Somali Law Council is the professional body for the study, research and practice of Somali and foreign law by Somali lawyers. It is responsible for the composition, role and regulation of the six departments, namely the Executive Committee, the Judicial Committee, the Association of Lawyers, the Education Department, the publication Division and the Advisory Committee to the Legislative Body.
The Somali Law Council is the achievement of the combination of the knowledge and experience of the former lawyers and academics from Somalia and the up-and-coming legal eagles of today.
As an international organisation, the Council’s aims include providing legal guidance and representation to the Somali communities around the world. With specialist lawyers established in their respective countries of residence, the SLC is equipped with knowledge to study cases presented to them, conduct research where necessary and produce the appropriate direction for the client to take.
As well as offering its services to individuals, the organisation assists businesses to follow procedures during their creation and also encourages them to continue to adopt and put into practice the compulsory rules and regulations.
In order to ensure its global stance, SLC reports on legal decisions, news and events affecting Somali citizens.
The SLC provides a search facility for those interested in exploring Somali law and regulations and offers an understanding of the way such laws were and are implemented in practice.
Our website should be informative and useful. However, please email any ideas, comments and suggestions you may have for the purposes of improving our services and we will do our utmost to implement them where possible.