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Universal Somali TV

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Universal Somali TV

Full Description

Universal TV – the first free worldwide Somali satellite television was started in 2005. It is headquartered in Djibouti and has offices in London, Washington, New York and in over 46 countries worldwide. Universal broadcasts daily and weekly programmes mainly in the Somali language. Some programmes run in Arabic and English languages. The channel is broadcast on thaicom 5 satellite network and on the internet 24 hours in Africa, Middleast and Asia. In UK, Europe, and the Americas the channel is on hotbird 9 satellite network every eve- ning but can be watched 24 hours on the internet. Universal TV broadcasts its popular programmes across a range of genre including news bulletin, documentaries, current affairs, arts, quizzes, films, features,drama,lightentertain- ment,sport,religion,weather,trafficreports,advertising,children’s programme ,technology,business,and many more. Universal TV attracts an estimated global daily Somali viewer of 12 million, another over 2 million watch the channel on the internet. Generally the channel is watched by over 34 million viewers of mixed races across the globe. Universal TV aims to attract the widest possible Somali and non Somali viewers across the globe. Its programmes demonstrate innovation, creativity in form and content. Universal TV appeals to the tastes and interests of the Somali people and other diverse so- cieties and has extraordinarily raised awareness of the suffering of the Somali people and stimulated the interest to save the Somali nation. It has greatly served as a learning me- dium for the Somali people worldwide. Universal TV is wholly committed to serving Somali viewers respecting their individual needs and differences. Universal TV aims to ensure that the Somali people exercise a responsible influence on the development of socio-political policies and services in all Somali speaking nations and in the international arena. The televi- sion is seriously seeking to ensure that the voiceless, oppressed and underprivileged Somalis do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or through an inability to express their needs ef- fectively. Universal TV is supportive, honest, trustworthy and resourceful in all that it does. Universal TV is audience centric, impartial, accurate, unique, and committed to quality and outstanding journalism. It has gained a loyal and steadfast global audience in a very short period of time. Universal TV has created a unique blend of Somali news, entertainment, movies, cartons, sports, analysis of Somali politics through engagement. The channel is endearing, enriching and entertaining. It has emerged as the only most popular Somali satellite channel which integrates the vibrant aspirations of the current Somali generati- ons living in the western and Arab countries, engaging them with lasting values of Somali cultural heritage, Muslim ethics, a spirit of globalisation and respect for nationhood and somalism. The high number of viewers attracted to Universal TV has caused Somali businesses to make the television their preferred advertising destination for reaching millions of both Somali and non Somali viewers across the globe. Universal television has become the voice of authority for the Somali people living in Somalia and the world over. The channel is successful and expanding very fast because it has earned the respect and trust of the entire Somali people across the globe. Universal Television channel provides competitive advertising, programmes and event sponsorship. That is why we are a household name. We only don’t inform, but we work for humanity and are a voice for the voi- celess and the hope of the oppressed. At the moment, Programmes specifically cover issues which concern the Somali population worldwide. Universal Television is currently involved in realising the following undertakings: 1. Reporting on daily/breaking news events in Somalia and across the globe 2. Working towards the return of peace, nationhood and good governance in Somali. n Influencing the development of worldwide Somali businesses through our commercial advertisements 3. Encouraging and helping Somali and other immigrant communities to actively seek education and employment, and integrate with the natives in the countries they acquired citizenship. Particularly in the United States of America, Europe and the Middleast. 4. Propagating information towards the discouragement and condemnation of the involvement in acts of terrorism, sea piracy and drug related crimes in Somali and other Muslim community youths and adults. 5. Exposing, condemning and preventing human rights abuses all over the world, Somalia in particular. n Educating Somali and other Muslim communities against female genital mutilation (circumcision). 6. Reporting on any otheconomic, social,political,scientific,cultural,media, educational and religious issues affecting the Somali people all over the world, specifically in Somalia. 7. Highlighting the urgent humanitarian crisis in Somalia to the international communities and the Somali people living abroad. A well documented profile and a report on the formation and achievements of Universal TV is available upon request. Please contact our satellite broadcasting engineer and media consultant Mr Ahmed Abuba- kar or our senior executive director Mr A. Hamduni.